Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Anthropology

The Psychological Anthropology major is based on the traditional emphasis of culture and personality in anthropology, and the emergent field of cross-cultural psychology.

Program Requirements

Psychological Anthropology Major (44 units) BA

Lower Division Requirements

ANT 225 Cultural Anthropology

Methodology Requirements

BEH 250 Professional Reading and Writing in the Behavioral Science

BEH 333 Epistemology and Worldview

BEH 383 Statistical Techniques in Behavioral Science with SPSS

BEH 385 Methods of Research with SPSS

Upper Division Requirements

ANT 325 Physical Anthropology and Archaeology

ANT 340 Theory in Anthropology

ANT 350 Language and Culture

ANT 430 Culture and Personality

Concentration Courses (12-15 Units)

Cultural Anthropology

ANT 360 Globalization and Culture

ANT 400 Special Topics in Anthropology

ANT 410 Economic and Political Anthropology

ANT 450 Kinship and Family

Psychological Anthropology

PSY 213 General Psychology

PSY 320 Life-Span Development

PSY 322 Theories of Personality

PSY 346 Abnormal Psychology

PSY 473 Psychophysiology

Optional Concentrations* (12 units)

Students can earn a concentration in the following areas by completing the certificate requirements**: Christian Behavioral Science, Cognitive Psychology, Diversity, Life Span Development, Religion and Behavior, or Social Work.

*Each optional concentration requires the completion of twelve (12) distinct units beyond the major.

**Certificate requirements are located in the Academic Program section of the catalog by certificate title.

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